The Handbook for Learning and Play in the Forest

This book is for everyone who wants inspiration for creating new, interesting activities that will bring children in nature to gain knowledge and experience.  With interesting and fun content authors want to bring an incomprehensible scientist into the world of popular science, where both children and adults will listen with curiosity.


The book contains activities for learning through play that will bring children of different ages and their teachers closer to the forest science. Activities are divided into four chapters: Trees, Forest animals, Water and Genetic diversity. We have designed the activities according to the principle of "flow learning", which has its own laws in a certain sequence of steps: the excitement of enthusiasm, the focus of attention, the direct experience and the sharing of inspiration.

Fluent learning helps us to better connect with the nature and experience it more deeply, therefore, we learn more about it.

Gozd eksperimentov /
The Forest of Experiments

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