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The 16th European Congress of Forest Pedagogy - HOW TO LEARN IN AND WITH NATURE IN TIMES OF CLIMATE CRISIS? - EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVES AND SOLUTIONS will be held in Zürich, Switzerland from 11 to 13 May in various forests and other inspiring locations.

At the congress, we will answer questions through workshops led by experienced forest pedagogues, such as:

- What does contemporary forest pedagogy look like in times of climate change? What projects, programmes and approaches are there?

- How can/should forest pedagogy inputs/interventions be designed so that they make a contribution against climate change? And how can they be further developed?

- How can insights from climate education enrich the methodology of forest pedagogy?

You are kindly invited to attend the congress as an active participant or also as a facilitator of a workshop that will address this topic. More information about the congress can be found here - click, and if you have any questions, please contact the congress organizer, Christian Stocker (, +41 44 291 21 91).

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