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11. – 13. 05. 2022, Zürich, Switzerland

This year, we set off on a trip to Switzerland to meet like-minded people again and make plans for positive changes in forest pedagogy. We went on the trip together with colleagues from the Slovenian Forest Service (ZGS) and thus filled the car to the last corner. The entire conference was very "green", which is why we chose a suitable hotel in order to leave as little carbon footprint as possible on our business trip. The conference addressed the very current topic "How to learn in and with nature in times of climate change?"

The congress was designed in such a way that the participants co-created it with their workshops. Thus, we also successfully conducted two very interesting workshops, namely our colleagues Ajša Alagić and Urša Vilhar conducted the workshop "Are aliens also in our forests?", and colleagues from ZGS Boris Rantaša and Boštjan Hren conducted the workshop "Close to nature forestry and climate change through mutual understanding and mutual respect". The rest of the time we attended other workshops ourselves. We started the first day in the Silwald forest with a mindful walk through the forest, and after breakfast, a program of workshops followed. The next day we went to the Hönggerberg Forestry School, where we were introduced to the activities there and the forest laboratory, followed by a program of workshops. The last day was very productive, because in Rüschlikon we reflected on the previous days and, working in groups, answered in-depth questions about how we could make improvement in people thinking more responsibly, where are the obstacles, where are the challenges, etc. Somehow, the rather outstanding result was that it would be important to work on the fact that people realize how important the power of choice and decision of each individual is. A responsibility that everyone bears. The consequences that follow our actions. Awareness. Self-consciousness. Values.

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Let the photos do the talking…

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